It ends with: “We have seen advances in every aspect of our lives except our humanity.

Something to work on in the New Year.

A good start would be a president with empathy.

Remember the president famous for saying, “I feel your pain?”  Who, after leaving office, worked to attack problems of poverty, disease, and oppression?

You will be excused if you’re not sure whether I mean Carter, Clinton, or Obama — it largely applies to all of them.

We need one like that again now.

Speaking of which, did you see Paul Krugman’s argument that “Republicans aren’t Scrooges — they’re much worse“?  “The Cruelty of a Trump Christmas.”

This is surely not true of all Republicans or even most.  But too may Republicans have, for sure, been feeding the wrong wolf.

Krugman makes a strong case.

Finally, if you have time, this touching story of 1930’s atrocity and 2019 forgiveness.

Listen, everybody: I greatly appreciate your readership. HAVE A HEALTHY, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  So much is riding on 2020.



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