Mike Pence: The President must be impeached.  I assume you’ve already heard this; but if not, listen.

So guess who’s having a Synod on Young People?  That’s right!  And you don’t have to be Catholic — or LGBT — to sign this pledge “never to give a child or young person the feeling that being LGBT would be a misfortune or a disappointment.”

Equal Future 2018 is the ad hoc group behind it.  It’s tiny, but headed by Tiernan Brady, who brought marriage to Ireland and Australia via popular majority, and they’ve stitched together a global partnership of larger groups, including the Human Rights Campaign here in the U.S., basically for two purposes:

1. To get LGBT youth on the agenda of the upcoming Vatican Synod On Young People and respectfully advocate for modernization.

But even assuming they make little or no progress on that score (and who knows? they might!) . . .

2. Seize a global “teaching moment” to get tens or hundreds of millions of Catholics around the world (and some non-Catholics) to consider this issue, almost entirely through what could well be tens of millions of dollars of enlightened “earned” media.  (Like this.)

Sign the pledge?



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