From Paul Langley: “Several days ago I read your column about Linda. I don’t have a solution but please refer Linda to this book that I personally found very helpful. It’s called How to Get What You Want in Life With the Money You Already Have, by Carol Keeffe. Which she can find at (and help send their stock up a little bit). Some of the ideas are a bit unorthodox … but it’s tried and true and the author writes from experience.”

A.T.: I haven’t read it myself, but a reader from Montreal recently had this to say on Amazon: “I only got one idea from this book … but it’s a GREAT idea. I read the book about three years ago. Every day, at the end of the day, I put all my loose change in a jar. So far, I’ve upgraded my PC, bought a lot of computer hardware (scanner, zip drive, etc.), bought a used car. I expect to upgrade my color TV this month. All on one simple idea I got from this book.”

He bought a used car with his spare change? Well, it helped that he was Canadian. Canada long since stopped printing dollar bills, preferring $1 coins instead. So “loose change” in Canada means a good deal more than it does south of the border.

But if this Montrealer got just one idea from the book, here’s another Amazonian who seems to have gotten even more:

“This book has changed my life. After reading this book, my attitude towards money has improved significantly. These changes have even spilled over into other areas of my life. I know that small changes can make a huge difference. My savings are growing and my debts decreasing. I can’t say enough about this book. I have read it several times and every time I learn something new.”

Sounds like a good stocking stuffer. Got any teenagers?



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