I’ve never met Ben Platt.  I do know the wonderful Judith Light.  Harold Arlen lived next door.  I was recently bar mitzvah-ed but haven’t been to a seder in 50 years.  I am a terrible Jew.

I found this really moving. (Six minutes.)

In America, there should be a place for all of us.*

In my view, the good people of Waukesha, Wisconsin shouldn’t be banning rainbow-titled songs but, rather, learning the words.

(Too preachy?  I am an accredited Internet minister.  I have performed two legal weddings.)

Happy Passover, Good Friday, Blessed Ramadan — or none-of-the-above.

*Very much including the able-bodied straight white Christian males who feel under attack for — through no fault of their own! — not having had to face the challenges others have and do.



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