Tom Brady’s been using BrainHQ for quite a long time now.

Check out this old story (thanks, Google).

And this new one (thanks, Bob Fyfe), wherein coach Tom House talks about his old pal Hank Aaron and his more recent pal Tom Brady.  Brady, House says, isn’t quite as quick on his feet as he was eight years ago, “but his mind is actually sharper.”

I harp on BrainHQ because “a mind is a terrible thing to waste” — whether it be the mind of a child needlessly kept out of school or the mind of an adult needlessly missing the chance to lower his or her risk of Alzhemer’s.

A 10-year study of 2,800 patients found that doing just 14 hours of BrainHq reduced the incidence of dementia by 48%.

Presumably, doing more than 14 hours would have reduced it even further.

My own goal: 15 minutes a week (130 hours over 10 years).

As Tom Brady’s experience suggests, there are benefits to a sharper mind beyond simply reducing the odds of developing dementia . . . though for me, that’s motivation enough.

(Well, and that I own a sliver of BrainHQ.)

I cede the balance of my time to the Impeachment.



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