As I write this, Monday afternoon, I still haven’t seen the debate. Oil might have been discovered on Mars and I wouldn’t know it.

Yet, as I noted yesterday, however the debate performances were judged — won, lost, or tied — Hillary should be our president.

Here, to buttress that view, a handy guide: How to Be Enthusiastically and Completely Pro-Hillary, by self-styled business nerd Tony [Stubblebine. (Thank you, Patti.)

Click here to vote, here to volunteer, here to contribute — and here to see what Republicans are saying about Trump and Clinton.

And do one more thing.

Ask every apathetic or disgusted millennial you know:

Do you want a Court for the next 30 years tilted even more in favor of corporations, the rich, and powerful?  (As this one gutted the Voting Rights Act, even as it blew the lid off money in politics.)  Or a Court tilted toward the rest of us?

Is it not worth a couple of hours now to avoid 30 years’ outrage over decisions you hate — like Citizen’s United — that could all have gone the other way, if only you’d exercised your right to vote?



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