I love this from Rick Hertzberg in the April 8 New Yorker Magazine. He’s writing about a new conservative daily that recently debuted in New York, the New York Sun:

The Sun will be a niche paper. It will be a second (or third, or fourth) read for a few tens of thousands of New Yorkers. It will be the equivalent of a mimeographed shipboard newspaper for passengers who long ago booked staterooms on the S.S. New York Times. Its backers expect to lose money. For them, it’s enough that expression will at last be given to political views that [here is the part I love] – apart from a few lonely voices at the New York Post, the Wall Street Journal, two or three score nationally syndicated columns, a couple of dozen magazines, a few hundred 24/7 talk-radio stations, the Fox News cable network, the Bush administration, the Supreme Court, and half of Congress – have been ruthlessly suppressed by the liberal establishment . . .


Less Antman: ‘There are a couple of errors in the comments of your readers yesterday. The assets of a 529 plan are treated as assets of the owner, not the beneficiary, and if the parent makes contributions, it will only be assessed by college financial aid officers at around 6%. (The Coverdell ESA is treated as assets of the child, and has the dreadful consequence cited by the reader.) But it is STILL better to leave it in the IRA, since it may not be counted at all in that case. . . . Also, as regards to the small number of states offering good investment choices: TIAA-CREF alone is represented in the plans of 12 states, and both Vanguard and Fidelity offer reasonably low-cost plans in a handful of others states. But it is still true, as your reader suggests, that most states ought to be ashamed of themselves for the choices they made of provider.’


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