Andy Frank: ‘As I’m sure you know the $5 drop in FMD on Friday was due mostly to JP Morgan downgrading the stock. JP Morgan previously downgraded the stock September 28, 2005, when it was 22.17. They upgraded it September 6, 2006, at 51.78. Especially considering their track record on this stock, I’m also still holding mine.’

☞ Me, too.


Obviously, this is just a spoof, taking off on the RNC ad that smeared Harold Ford, Jr. in Tennessee. Ken Mehlman has to be straight – the hypocrisy of the anti-gay Republican Party being headed by a gay man would be . . . well, as preposterous as the hypocrisy of a gay man’s heading the gay-bashing FBI back in J. Edgar Hoover’s day.*

Still – since his team started a disastrous war, added trillions to our national debt, retarded stem cell research, dithered on global climate change, and refused cost of living raises to the minimum wage nine years’ running – maybe a little ribbing can be excused.

*Note to younger readers: Hoover ran the FBI from 1924 to 1972. He lived with his mother until her death in 1938, and lies buried beside his companion of 44 years, fellow bachelor Clyde Tolson.


If you get HBO, set your Tivo to record this tomorrow night. Because another thing Ken’s team has refused to do, for the most part, is co-sponsor HR 550, the bill that would require electronic machines to print paper receipts in case there’s a need for a recount. (You’d vote on the touch screen . . . then check the paper ‘receipt’ to be sure it reflected the candidates you chose . . . then drop it in the ballot box on your way out. That way, if a recount was needed, there’d be something – these paper records – to recount.) Right now, we have no way of knowing, in many places, whether our elections have been stolen. In America, no less.

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