Several of you liked Google’s time-lapse photography at the end of yesterday’s post . . . 37 years in two-and-a-half minutes.

Here’s another planetary overview to enjoy.  (Thanks, David!)

And here’s perspective on majority rule, by Marc Elias.

Don’t we want to live in a country governed with consent of the governed?  And when the governed disagree, don’t we want most disagreements resolved by a vote of the majority?

Wouldn’t it be odd, for example, to say that, in an election, whichever candidate gets the fewest votes wins?

Do Constitutional compromises born of slavery still make sense now, when virtually no one believes slavery is worth defending?


Ed: “You and your pals can rationalize almost anything if there’s a hot stock involved. Is it your belief that there is no exploitable sun or wind in Africa? I have been there and can tell you that’s not true.”

→ I’m all for wind and solar in Africa. But I wouldn’t bar Africans from reaping their oil wealth while allowing the Saudis and Texans to reap theirs.  I’d rather see oil-producing nations build Africa a renewable grid in exchange for keeping their fossil fuels buried.



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