As our vulgar, incompetent, egomaniacal president — our “national embarrassment,” as Colin Powell put it long before he, Trump, came within 3 million votes of his opponent (with the help of a massive post-KGB disinformation campaign) — as he seems poised to wreck the deal  by which we halted Iran’s rush to nuclear weapons, Madeleine Albright writes:

It’s hard to overstate how disastrous abandoning the Iran nuclear deal would be. But that’s exactly what this administration is threatening to do.

Now, I served as Secretary of State, but you don’t have to be a foreign policy expert to know that we’re all safer if Iran doesn’t have nuclear weapons.

U.S.-Iranian relations are complicated, I know from experience. I tried to begin a dialogue with Iran decades ago, but unfortunately, they weren’t ready. So when the Obama administration — with the support of China, Russia, and our closest allies – negotiated a nuclear accord with Iran, I understood the historic nature of this diplomatic achievement.

Let’s be clear: The deal is working. Both the UN’s independent nuclear watchdog and our own State Department have certified that Iran is adhering to the terms of the agreement. Which means, if we unilaterally withdraw from the deal, we’re simply breaking our promises — and that carries great danger on many fronts.

Security for the entire world is at stake — we can’t allow this deal to be undercut by a reckless administration.

Going back on this deal would embolden the hardliners in Iran. It would allow them to resume nuclear activities that were blocked by the deal. It would weaken our hand in the region and hamper our ability to influence the very behavior about which this administration is rightly concerned.

And it would send a message to our allies and our adversaries alike that America can’t be trusted to keep its word, crippling our capacity for diplomacy. If America reneges on this agreement even though Iran is upholding its commitments, why would North Korea even consider curbing their own nuclear program?

This administration has already backed out of the 195-nation Paris climate accord, diminishing our international standing. Now they’re considering withdrawing from a crucial nuclear agreement with Iran and five other world powers.

The United States can’t keep giving away our seat at the table and relinquishing our global leadership. We can’t replace serious diplomacy with reckless threats and bluster.

Please join me in urging the administration to do the right thing, the responsible thing, and maintain our commitment to the Iran Deal:


Madeleine Albright


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