Yesterday’s post wasn’t meant to disparage everyone at Goldman Sachs. But here’s a comment that goes further – indeed, too far – yet makes an important point:

Lewis: “Having spent 25 years as an investment banker, I can assure you that the only motivator for investment bankers is money.  There is not a shred of social conscience amongst any of them.  Therefore Government must be very careful not to give them an unregulated free reign, lest we see a repeat of the recent past.  The free market economy works only in theory, not in practice.  The only real deterrent is shame and prosecution!  And it is sad for all of us not to have seen any prosecution so far!  It really makes me angry!”

Tom Reynen: “Do you have any explanation why, on the day that scathing article was published, Goldman Sachs stock would go up 2%?  This is the same stock market that normally dive bombs on the slightest hint of negative news.  Have people become so cavalier that they think everything will blow over in a few days? Simply amazing.”


As I type now, this song has had 20,675 views, up from 860 same time last night – good work, team!  If you haven’t already, take a look and consider sending to your list?  And ask them to do likewise?  If kids come to know that slinging slurs and bullying are telltale signs of being gay, a lot fewer of them may want to do it.


Del Rickel: “The American dream, Reagan style . . .”

☞ Yes!  Don’t miss this one!


Stewart Dean: “JFK was a talisman of a dream when I was a teenager.  Chris Matthews speaks of the man hidden in the myth.  Fascinating – he revives Kennedy’s charisma along with the flaws.  Sit down with a beer and listen.”

☞ Chris Matthews’ enthusiasm is infectious.  And he’s done his research!  Never mind that he’s too hard on our current president (in my view). It’s a great, free listen.


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