But first . . .

I’m sure you’ve seen the news: Manchin, in Reversal, Agrees to Quick Action on Climate and Tax Plan.

It will also lower drug prices.

A very good day.

And now . . .

BASEBALL (Three minutes.)

And you think you have problems!

(Well, I hope you don’t, but watch.  Pretty great.)

THE ANTI-CHRIST(One minute.)

“His followers will wear his symbol on their foreheads*.  They will worship him.”

And they will have been misled.

They really believe he won the election; that he has a still-secret plan to give them “great health care at a tiny fraction of the cost”; that his calls to Ukraine asking for political dirt and to thrice-recounted Georgia asking for 11,780 votes . . . were “perfect calls.”

Quite a few of them, we are coming to learn, identify as “white Christian nationalists.”  (A must-watch first four minutes.)

And Trump — however unChristlike — is their man.

*Or a couple of inches above.



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