. . . are more melifluous than others.  Have you seen this clip?  (No offense meant; it’s just funny.)


And what if you see some police action in progress that doesn’t conform to the high standards most officers strive to uphold?  And you start filming with your iPhone, and he sees you doing that and grabs your iPhone and stomps on it.  There’s an app for that!


I don’t know whether this stuff is even sold in America — oh wait, it is (not cheap) — but take a minute to see the sweat they obviously put into making this commercial.


Joel Grow:  “[Speaking of food and water waste], have you seen the FABulous documentary Just Eat It?  A couple decides to eat only what they can get free, mostly by going out back at the grocery store. They get more than they can use of food that’s only a bit past the ‘best by’ dates and so is thrown out.  That, and carrots that aren’t straight, or squash that’s not perfectly green, etc.  The film says that . . . wait for it . . . just the water used to grow the food we throw away in the U.S. would be enough to meet the water needs of 500 million people.  I re-wound it a couple of times to make sure I was hearing it accurately.  (And really?  YOUR FRIENDS TAKE ONE SIP OF BEER BUT DON’T FINISH IT!!!??? ARE THEY CRAZY???!!!)”

☞ They’re not crazy; they just get distracted, put it down, forget which is theirs, and crack a new one.


Mark L.:  “Any updated thoughts on SIGA, now SIGAQ?  I see it trading today to fresh 10-year lows and am contemplating taking the loss (from $2.86 I paid in July 2013) mostly just so I don’t have to watch it any more.”

☞ My only thought is that it’s been bid up out of irrational enthusiasm.  So possibly — possibly! — the reverse is true . . . witness your rationale for selling (“mostly just so I don’t have to watch it any more”) . . . and possibly — possibly! — patience will triumph in the end.  So I hang on — with pretty enormous paper losses  by now — and have even bought a little more at these prices, albeit only with money I can truly afford to lose.

Have a great weekend!



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