[Third Estimated Tax Payment Due Today (for taxable income not subject to withholding).  Click here for instructions and the form.]

And speaking of taxes, how outrageous that Trump  will not release his, which in 2014 he said he “absolutely” w0uld if he ran for President.  We know he tells more than one lie per minute and has gotten involved in a new legal action every three days, on average, for the last 30 years.  But still. Click here to force his hand.  My guess: he pays less in tax than you do, gives less to charity than the Clintons, has far less income than he’d like people to believe, and is in bed with the Russians.

And as we now know used his foundation money to buy a $20,000 portrait of himself and illegally contribute $25,000 to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi four days before she declined to join other attorneys general in investigating his fraudulent Trump University.

Want something to make you feel good for a change? (Average household income rose $2,800 last year, 3.5 million Americans were lifted out of poverty.)  Watch the President in Philadelphia Tuesday. It is a thing of joy.



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