My pal Jerry Rubin, the genius behind Managing Your Money, came and rescued me from computer hell.  While here, he suggested I at least occasionally write something about personal finance.

But what, after all these years, do I really know about personal finance?

So I’m handing the mike to my other genius pal, Less Antman, who works to enrich folks daily.  (I merely work to transfer their wealth to the DNC, so we can have people who “believe in” science, and stuff, leading the world.)

Herewith his just-posted Seven Steps To Financial Peace Of Mind.

Followed by a few comments on yesterday’s post:

John Seiffer: “[You say solar panels would allow you to binge on Veep even in a blackout, but] I’m sure you’re aware  most people with solar panels can’t watch Veep if the power goes out. If they’re attached to the grid (which is how it’s affordable for most) then you can’t use your solar power in an outage. It puts line workers at risk of electrocution. So until the grid is redesigned, even while generating power on the roof you won’t be able to access it.  The only work around is to install batteries which are expensive, and must be maintained.”

☞ This is why God invented the Tesla Powerwall.

Judy Lawrence:  “While everyone agrees this sounds like something Jimmy Carter would say . . .

“If you don’t want your tax dollars to help the poor, then stop saying you want a country based on Christian values, because you don’t.” — Jimmy Carter

. . . he didn’t.  It’s still true and a very worthy sentiment; but, people will scramble to protest that he didn’t say it.  It was evidently part of a segment on Current TV by John Folgelsang.  LOVED the Barney Frank documentary, by the way.  Well done!”

Tom Adams:  “Like Romney’s pledge of 6% unemployment, Michele Bachmann’s election promise of $2 gas came true… also under Obama!  I paid $1.92/gal yesterday.”



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