Yesterday’s 6-3 Supreme Court ruling in Lawrence v Texas was terrific. Thank you, America.

But do you know what Attorney General Ashcroft, Senator Santorum, House Majority Leader DeLay, Justice Scalia and the rest are all thinking today? They are thinking, ‘Let ’em have sex at home – what do we care? In the President’s second term, when we replace Sandra Day O’Connor (who wants to resign) and John Paul Stevens (who is 83) with two more Scalia/Thomases (the two Justices that President Bush cites as his models), we’ll be 5-4 against a woman’s right to choose, against stem cell research, against civil unions, against gay adoption and immigration, against the separation of church and state – and on and on – for decades.’

So the ruling was great. But everything hangs on the next election. (Not to mention what’s been done to our financial underpinnings or our standing around the world.)

Have a great weekend.


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