I was going to say:

‘Today’s column writes itself. Have a nice day.’

But let me add:

Now we can assure paper trails in future elections, so our democracy can remain secure. Not a small thing. (See ‘Man of the Year‘.)

And now we have a situation that recalls the memorable speech at the end of ‘The American President,’ where Michael Douglas, as the President, says: ‘We have serious problems, and we need serious people to solve them.’

I am a little heart-broken that Scott Kleeb of Nebraska and Tammy Duckworth of Illinois won’t be among those serious people – Americans don’t come any better than these two. But for all the obvious reasons, it was in the main, in my view, a great night.*

Now have a nice day.

*And did you know that Democrats are expected to have majorities in 55 of 99 state chambers (Nebraska, you will recall from the 7th grade, is unicameral), with two more chambers tied, which makes last night’s result the largest chamber shift since 1994?


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