Did you know Lincoln wanted to send freed slaves back to Africa?  Or that the first man to die fighting for our freedom was a black man who was himself not free?  Or how much of America’s success and prosperity rests on slavery?

There is so much more to this story from today’s New York Times Magazine.

No, I’m not for reparations — cutting checks to the descendants of slaves.  But I’m sure for restoring voting protections, gutted by the Republican-dominated Supreme Court.  And for a slew of other programs and policies that will help level the still-tilted playing field.  (Criminal justice reform!)

No, I’m not for involuntary bussing.  But I’m sure for public schools like Success Academy that break the cycle of poverty, and for debt-free community college (and medical school).  And lots of other solutions that will lean against inequality (higher estate tax rates for the mega rich with fewer loopholes; a freedom dividend that, though equal for everyone, will disproportionately benefit those at the bottom).

But start with this story.  It’s our story.  We should re-read it every couple of years as we strive to attain a more perfect union.



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