Yesterday’s post favoring the Iran deal concluded with my doubting I’d persuade my correspondent.

But guess what?  My correspondent did change his mind!

When does that ever happen?

A little of our exchange:

CORRESPONDENT:  “As the world stood by in silence when Hitler began his invasions and exterminations, so simple logic argues the Iranian nuke bomb is a fait accompli in one to 15 years. However, unlike the other nuclear-armed countries, Iran is run by fanatics that are happy to cleanse the world of infidels, starting with Israel. They shout it out. Death to America!  Death to Israel!  If the sane world had been able to understand what was going on before their eyes, Hitler could have been killed BEFORE tens of millions of lives were lost. NOW with 20-20 hindsight and hundreds of years of history to review we see what horror naive inattention causes and still we ignore Iran.  This is like a nightmare when you know the ending but are helpless to change the outcome.  Knowing what we have learned from the past, Iran must be stopped. Now, while they only have conventional weapons. We have the means, we have the way, we lack the resolve.”

ME:  “You are so right!  Iran must sign the non-proliferation treaty and be held to it.   Imagine if the world had brought Hitler to the table before he invaded anyone and worked out a deal under which he had to get rid of two-thirds of his heavy weaponry – the most advanced two-thirds at that – and 98% of his ammunition.  And agree to 24/7 surveillance of all his known arms factories and arsenals — his entire military supply chain.  Would you have rejected that deal and instead tried to invade and occupy Germany?  Turns out, as you’ll read tomorrow [now, yesterday], a great many smart people disagree with you.”

To which long list I then appended this just-released letter from 340 rabbis urging Congress to support the deal.

CORRESPONDENT: “Your list of those supporting the deal is impressive.  In light of their expertise, I have been swayed to agree that it’s worth a try — Congress should approve the deal — although it is literally dealing with the devil.”

To which I replied that my hat was off to him for his open mind.

How many people these days have one?

Call your senators and representative to urge them to approve this deal!

And perhaps share yesterday’s post (now updated to include those 340 rabbis) with your list?

Based on a scientific sample of one — my correspondent — it could actually change minds.



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