1. I’ve previously lauded earmuffs (“don’t be an idiot — wear them”), so that’s not what’s amazing.  What’s amazing is that, even with them on, covering my Apple AirPods, Siri — and anyone else I’m talking to — can somehow still hear me through the earmuffs loud and clear.  Hats off to Steve Jobs.

2. It’s an odd time to be telling you about my ceiling fan, but I’ve been meaning to mention this since August.  It just runs quietly, hour after hour, day after day, summer after summer, decade after decade.  Shouldn’t something go wrong?  Can the ball bearings inside be so perfect?  How’d they get inside?  I have no idea.  Like so much else we never give a second thought, it just works.  One more amazing thing we take for granted.

3. With thousands looking on — and Fox News broadcasting live — President Biden signed into law the Respect for Marriage Act.  How far we’ve come from 1965, when 10 brave gays and lesbians picketed the White House.  But as the President said, it’s about two simple things most of us favor: love and freedom.

A good day for America.  Watch.



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