There’s apparently now a 76% chance Hillary will win, which is terrifying because it means there’s a 24% chance Trump will.

(Here are 141 reasons he’s unfit to be president.)

A 24% chance we will lose the Supreme Court for the next 30 years . . . a 24% chance of a possible trade war (Trump says he’ll make China knuckle under, but it’s funny how reluctant countries are to knuckle) . . . leading to a possible global depression (trade wars tend to have that effect) . . . which could even lead to world war (as the last one did).  Only this time, it would be curtains for mankind. (See, nuclear winter.)

I love our candidate — who is SO much better than they relentlessly try to paint her — and 24% is a way higher chance than I want to take that she might lose.

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