Clare Durst: ‘You missed the essential point of Heifer International. They give someone a beast, and training for care, and that person promises to give its firstborn to someone else in their village, who likewise promises the same, etc. So the benefit isn’t just to one family, but to many. Rabbits spread faster than llamas. I’m cutting back on charities but not on Heifer International.’


Paul Lerman: ‘The media room advice from Don Tingle Friday was right on the money. Last year I put in a 720p Sanyo projector and a 106″ gray pull-down screen and with some good 5.1 audio. It’s very close to what some of my clients spend $50K or $60K for (all at my bargain-shopping cost of well under $4K).’

John Seiffer: ‘A sales person at Circuit City who seemed to know what he was talking about said you won’t notice the difference between 720 and 1080 with a cable hi def signal – only with a HiDef or BluRay DVD and then you’d definitely want a 1080p rather than a 1080i. Interestingly, a very well reviewed Toshiba unit is $300 cheaper at than it is in the store itself but you can buy it online and pick it up in the store. What are these people thinking?’


I thought these were interesting. They are not pretty.

But until the house next to me that sold for $105,000 in 1998 and then $765,000 in 2005 gets back down to around $275,000 or $375,000, I’ll wonder whether we’ve really bottomed. And I don’t see how that happens without a lot more pain to the economy and financial institutions.


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