This analysis seems to ignore legal fees and operating expenses . . . it costs money to appeal lawsuits and to stay in business . . . but nonetheless reinforces my resolve to hang on.  The worst case may be less than a total loss, with the possibility of a fourfold or greater return.


IATA has posted all the slides from last week’s conference — including WheelTug’s “Prezi”.  (Just keep clicking the forward arrow.  Some pages are static; one shows WheelTug taxiing on a wet snowy runway; one shows how “the Twist” will allow passengers to board and deplane from both the front and rear doors.)


Gotta love Sam Brownback for standing up for his principles — slashing K-12 funding, and now overturning the ban on discriminating against gay and lesbian state employees.  It’s a Grand Old Party indeed.  And may I note that when it comes to presidential politics, his red state is not known solely for Geroge Wallace, as Alabama is (and even he had a change of heart); but, being a Kansan, for the much more decent (if you ask me) Bob Dole and Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Not that Kansas is Vermont or California — but really, Governor?  Is this action necessary in 2015?


What a world.  (Thanks, yet again, Mel.)  Enjoy!





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