Must-see, on the off chance you haven’t:  A 1958 TV show, fact-checked by Snopes — it’s real! — about a con man named Trump trying to sell a wall by stoking fear.  The clip is only a couple of minutes long.  Or watch the entire episode.  Amazing.

Steve Morgan:This article simply amplifies the fury we feel in Texas. Hurricane Harvey recovery still hasn’t been completed. Many folks that suffered total losses were denied FEMA funds. Now that ‘money has been found’ that was designated for infrastructure repairs in Puerto Rico, Texas, and California, Trump wants to divert it to the Wall?”

Paul Abrams: “Anyone who believes Trumpf will follow the law when he and/or his kids are indicted do not grasp how different narcissist sociopaths are from normality: What the President Could Do If He Declares a State of Emergency.”

Some of you sent suggestions for fixing yesterday’s sonnet. Thank you.  It now rhymes!

Carl sent a cartoon showing the Statue of Liberty with a donkey head (i.e.: a Democrat) saying: “Give me your undetected, undocumented, and unchecked masses yearning for free stuff.”  He seemed to like that.  Yet it seems such an insult to his fellow human beings.

They walk thousands of miles seeking asylum from horrible circumstances, hoping to scrub Carl’s motel toilet, pick his lettuce, or trim his hedges . . . hoping to give their kids a decent life.

So turning them away, if that’s what Carl and the cartoonist decide must be done, should at least be a subject of heartbreak — not mockery — don’t you think?

Though seeking asylum is currently 100% legal under U.S. law, Republicans have decided to follow Trump, not Jesus or the law, in their response to the downtrodden.  And Carl and the cartoonist have decided to mock them.

Funny stuff.



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