But first . . .


Our nation’s Capitol is under attack.

Our elected representatives and staffers cower under desks fearing for their lives.

The man who incited the mob watches on TV — for hours — cheering them on.

Is this America?


Texas Republicans offered a $1 million reward and spent 22,000 taxpayer-funded person-hours searching for instances of voter fraud and found 16.

Some of those 16 were for Trump, yet Texas has called its legislature back into special session to deal with the crisis.  And has just put a guy in jail with $100,000 bail for spending 6 hours in line to vote — he’s black, so the lines are long — without having completed the last little bit of his 15 years’ parole for a crime committed 30 years ago, not realizing that this made him ineligible to vote.

The full story is even more enraging, but MSNBC no longer allows segment-sharing and Friday’s transcript is not yet available.  I’ll post it as soon as it is.

In the meantime, here’s the story of a Pennsylvania voter imprisoned for five years for unintentionally voting improperly — contrasted with the wrist slaps of intentional voter fraud for Trump.

It seems to me there’s something deeply wrong with these pictures, as well.

And now . . .


Did you notice that GameStop stock went from $3.77 to $483 in the last few months on no substantive news?  It’s since pulled back to $191, but that’s still a nice 50-fold bump.  And it’s not the only stock to have had a wild irrational ride.  Here’s why the meme stock revolution will last.  Or not — but if you’re an investor, I think you’ll find it of interest.

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