Last April, I suggested the Turkish Fund at $5.47. Three months later, in an homage to Bonomo’s Turkish taffy, I suggested selling half at $9.11. Now, with TKF having closed at $14.92 Friday, I’m out. It’s likely still a relatively good value, but I am on to other nutty speculations, as you know.


Yesterday, I got to watch Jake Tapper’s ABC This Morning interview with President Clinton and Bob Schieffer’s Face the Nation interview with Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown.

I come to these biased, of course. But I wonder. Of the relatively small number of people who even watch the Sunday shows, which voice do they find more compelling?

The former President was – as to me he always is (and as our current President is, too) – so thoughtful, so incredibly well-informed, so ready to consider other points of view, so responsible, so committed to a lifetime of making the world better. (He had spent the weekend inspiring 950 student leaders attending the Clinton Global Initiative University.)

By contrast, the new Senator was likeable and handsome and all that; but he said pretty much nothing. On the topic of financial reform, he took the same line the Republicans just had on health insurance reform: Of course he’s for a bill, just not this bad bill. We need to roll up our sleeves, get everyone in a room, solve the problems the American people sent us to Washington to solve. The bill under consideration would hurt small business. In short, for reasons he never specified, the legislation on the table was the wrong approach.

And the right approach? What we should do is to get everyone in a room and solve the problems the American people sent us to Washington to solve. That’s the right approach.

This isn’t in any way to try to wrest the microphone from Scott Brown. Good for him for running for office and making his views known. If and when he has ideas for financial reform he wants to share, we should listen. Even now, when his “idea” is that this is a bad bill and we sit down in a room to work things out, we should be respectful.

My question is simply this:

At a time of true national and global challenge, bedeviled with complexity, which 11-minute national TV interview should have us nodding our heads: President Clinton’s on “ABC This Week” or Senator Brown’s on “Face the Nation”?

If you have 11 minutes, this is the one worth your time.


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