Following up on yesterday’s Dana Milbank column — Finally, A President With The Guts To Stand Up To Canada — you’ve got to watch these four minutes in which Steve Rattner explains that the trade deficit with Canada . . .

. . . is actually a surplus.

That the dairy deficit Trump has focused on . . .

. . . is actually a surplus.

That the tariffs Canada imposes on our goods . . .

. . . are actually lower than those we impose on theirs.

That the tariffs Trump placed on softwood . . .

. . . have raised our cost of lumber by 27% and the price of homes we buy by thousands of dollars. 

And that in addition to making life more expensive for Americans, Trump’s tariffs . . .

. . . will cost thousands of American jobs.

Putin can’t believe it.

America is diminishing itself faster than he could have ever dreamed possible.

The cult of personality Trump has built — in some ways like those of the strongmen he praises and admires — allows him to tell his followers anything and they will delight in his irreverence and bravado and in driving the rest of us crazy.

Among the cultists (and Republican members of Congress), old-fashioned notions of honesty and civility have given way to the ready acceptance of lying, bullying, and corruption.

And to acceptance of an administration that rips children from their mothers by the thousands.  Watch these four minutes: the story of mothers being told their kids were being taken to be bathed — and then not returned.  In America.

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