. . . here, prior to tonight’s State of the Union.

The Republicans insist the state of our Union is awful — and not just because of the gridlock they themselves have caused.*

They say that “by any standard, Barack Obama has been a disaster for our country.”

That we have stupid, stupid leaders.

Even so, this might be worth noting:

We’ve added more net private sector jobs in the last 12 WEEKS than were added in the last 12 YEARS of Republican leadership.

More jobs in twelve WEEKS than in twelve YEARS. 

About 100,000 more — 851,000 versus 747,000.

Perhaps worth noting also?  Home prices are strong, gas is cheap, Detroit is booming, graduation rates are up, the stock market’s doubled, you can’t be denied health insurance for a pre-existing condition, and deaths from Ebola contracted here — the hysteria before the last election — remain zero.

The state of our Union would have been even stronger if the Republicans had not blocked the American Jobs Act, that would have put people to work revitalizing our crumbling infrastructure; blocked comprehensive immigration reform; blocked a hike in the minimum wage.

Let’s watch tonight — and do what we can to help this extraordinary president keep moving the ball down the field.

*It’s not equally the Democrats’ fault.  It’s not symmetrical.  Click here.



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