Kids Say: Don't Smoke
Kids Say Don’t Smoke
(Russian Edition)


The story of how I wound up translating this book into Russian — and annoying a whole nation (I usually manage to annoy no more than 500 or 1,000 people at a time; for me, this was special) — is told in MY VAST FORTUNE

Basically, I was able to buy prime time ads, night after night, just after the Soviet Union had collapsed, for bupkus (not to be confused with rubles, which were worth a little less). Trapped in their tiny apartments, with just two channels to choose from on long, dark, frigid nights, these poor tobacco-addicted citizens could not escape me. Night after night, I told their kids not to become slaves to the tobacco companies like their parents. Very annoying.

This version of the book is out of print and unavailable.



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