Important Videos:

Nick Hanauer’s indispensable 6-minute TED Talk — it’s the middle class, not the rich, who are the job creators

The Road We’ve Traveled — 17 minutes reflecting on President Obama’s first term


Amateur videos:

Werner Erhard Interviews A Much Younger A.T. — 90 minutes “Being with Money,” whatever that means (but boy was I ever paid a lot to pontificate — and boy, did I ever pontificate)

— on Merv Griffin, 1978

— on Today, 1980

— on David Letterman’s morning show, with a whoopie cushion, 1980

— on Tom Snyder, apparently filling in for Oral Roberts

— on Oprah

— on CNN

— on Face The Nation, September 6, 1998

addressing the 2012 Democratic National Convention

— recommending stocks in 1979, Dow 855, Jack Cafferty

and again in Chicago, suggesting you buy your $2.50 bottles of wine by the case

— interviewing Barney Frank



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